David Goldblatt

Some Afrikaners Photographed

The photographs in this book are of some Afrikaner people in South Africa. There are glimpses into their world,and a few of the subjects are other South Africans who, although not Afrikaners, are part of it. This book is not an outline, still less a systematic survey of Afrikaner life, nor are the people in these photographs a cross-section of the Afrikaner People.

After the manner of this country, I had grown up among yet largely apart from Afrikaners. However I began to have more contact with them when, as a young man, I worked in my father’s business. And I came gradually to feel a need to know more closely something of the life and values of people whose influence so pervaded the place of my birth and who, I realised, had long been a powerful presence in my own life.

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