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“At first I did a lot of documentary projects around Soweto where I lived like Meadowlands, Shebeens, Zion Churches, Sangomas, and also photographing the creative arts and music. I was always more interested in how people lived rather than news and I loved portraits.”

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Ruth Motau’s 25 year career has focussed on diverse activities in the communities she lived in Soweto and further afield. Her work includes the following projects:- Children, Portraits, Religions and Rituals, Music and Culture, Hostel Life, Pensioners, Elections, On Assignment

She has participated in many exhibitions. They include :- Ordinary People, Democracy’s Images, Faces solo Exhibition, Group Portrait (South Africa)Nine Family Histories, Visible Visions, Black Looks White Myths, Colours, Biennale de Sao Paolo (Brazil), Biennale (Johannesburg), Women in Photography – Beijing, Not the Usual Suspect.


Women in the media  (SABC) 2001/2002

Rhodes University Alumni 2000/2001


IAJ- Training the trainers

Photojournalism and Newspaper Design (Poynter Institute, Florida USA) 

Teaching… women and Photography ( Malawi)

Essentials of Newsroom Leadership  Johnic Communication(GIBS)

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