2013 ICP Infinity Awards: Lifetime Achievement – David Goldblatt

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David Goldblatt spent his life documenting apartheid in South Africa. While many photographers chased mass demonstrations and violent rebellions, Goldblatt instead focused on the cultural values that led to more than 40 years of repression.

Goldblatt’s photography provides a rare insight and historical documentation of daily life during the apartheid era. Born to Jewish parents in a gold mining town outside Johannesburg, Goldblatt was shocked when apartheid began to take hold in the late 1940s. Photography became his main outlet for questioning and investigating what was happening in country during this time, and he published a number of photography books about the cultural groups responsible for and affected by apartheid in South Africa.

In his early essays, including Some Afrikaners, In Boksburg and On the Mines, Goldblatt photographed white and Afrikaner communities. The projects portrayed these communities as the support base for apartheid as much as they sought to create a sense of empathy and understanding.

After being honored by the International Center of Photography for Lifetime Achievement, Goldblatt shares the stories behind his books.

Publish Date: May 2, 2013

Photography: David Goldblatt
Interview: Brenda Goldblatt
Director of Photography: Clifford Bestall
Editor and Producer: Joshua Davis
Graphics: Joe Fuller
Director and Executive Producer: Brian Storm

Special Thanks
This film was made possible with the generous support of the Harbers Family Foundation.

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