David Goldblatt

(The now late) David Goldblatt has been critically exploring South African society with his camera for six decades, starting during Apartheid. We meet at Goldblatt’s home in Johannesburg to talk about his most recent work on ex-offenders and his reflections about South Africa’s democracy.

It’s been almost 20 years since the country went to the polls to elect its first democratic government in 1994. And even though great strides were made, Goldblatt says democratic values are in danger of being eroded here at the moment.

This video is an interview with a South African photographer about photography and democracy – then and now, as published on PhotographyAndDemocracy.com in 2013, by and ©Eva-Lotta Jansson. All rights reserved. The project was also sponsored in part by the Open Society Foundation for South Africa.

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